Technical Consulting

For every technical challenge, there is a textile solution! CCC has the experience and the motivation to find good solutions to your problem situation. We accompany you throughout the development process with the following services:

  • Material selection
    We help you to select the right materials through our profound knowledge of various materials and processing experiences: from complex twisting, monofilaments, multifilaments and spun qualities up to novel ideas. Materials include, for example, polyamides (PA), polyester (PES), fluoropolymers, Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWP), Liquid-crystal polymers (LCP), Lead II Oxide (PBO).
  • Versatile production possibilities
    Depending on the required textile solution, we choose the most appropriate weaving technology. We also have a wide range of finishing possibilities which all take place "in-house" up to a width of 520 cm. This ensures continuous quality and secures know-how.
  • Sampling
    Sampling is our unique capability. We can produce six linear meters for testing new designs and materials. This enables us and our customers’ hands on processing experiences. Once the optimal design is found, the product solution can go into serial production.
  • Innovation – Thinking Ahead
    We keep developing new designs that solve our customers’ problem situations by using new methods, technologies and raw materials.


SOLUTIONS in TEXTILE – Innovation is our business!